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A picture is worth a thousand words

Photo by Carlomagno 'Caly' Silva,
El Cerrito High School

There's just one week of school left, and it's been a wild, challenging, and amazing year. I hope to post several new listings to summarize some of my experience as a first year teacher, but I just received this photo in my email and couldn't resist sharing it. While friends of mine are now accustomed to me stopping to take photographs of random geologic features, one of my students actually took this photo over the weekend and sent it to me. I cannot begin to stress how amazing this is. This student, who is an immigrant from Peru and whose mother died last year, had a score of 35% in my class just one month ago. Since then, we had some great talks and another teacher and I have managed to motivate him so that his average is now up to 65% (and still climbing).

A few months ago, this student would have walked right over these ripples in the sand without even noticing them. Today, he was absolutely chomping at the bit to share this picture with me from his cell phone camera. It has been my goal to open my students' eyes to the world around them, and receiving this picture practically made me cry tears of joy.

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