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First days in Bangalore

flower shop IIAP

My first stop was Banglore (not counting the layover in Singapore on my way in from Tokyo). My primary purpose there was to run a two-day workshop at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, and I stayed at the guesthouse on campus, pictured at right. The campus was quite lovely, though I soon realized it was like a bucolic oasis of green amidst a crowded, bustling metropolis. The picture on the left shows small flower shop from the streets a little way outside its walls.

I arrived late at night, but still woke very early the next morning and went for a walk in search of breakfast before my first meeting at 10am. (This was before I realized that I had been assigned a personal chef for my stay at the guesthouse ...) Some pictures of street scenes and first impressions can be found here.

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