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A sad posting...

The View of the creek from the Memorial sunset

Today's post is about sunsets, and it will explain why we haven't posted anything recently. While Loraine's parents were staying with us in Japan, we got woken up by the worst kind of phone call. My dad and brother were on the phone together to tell me that my mother had unexpectedly died in her sleep. Less than two weeks before, Mom and Dad had been in Japan with us (scroll down to the postings from late May to see the pictures). They got the chance to share pieces of our life in Japan, and we had some great adventures touring around together. Mom was in perfect health, so it was an unbelievable surprise.

Loraine and I hopped on the first plane to California and I've been here ever since (almost exactly one month ago). The sunset on the left is the view from Creekside Park, where we held an outdoor memorial celebration of Mom's life. With less than a week's notice, we put together a wonderful event (with a guest list substantially larger than for my wedding). About a decade ago, Mom started a small nonprofit organization to preserve and enhance the local creek system, so it was fitting for us to have the ceremony in the shadow of Mount Tamalpais and beside the marshland in the glowing evening light. She was a huge part of all of our lives, and I've spent the last month trying to figure out what my life will look like without her in it.

The second sunset represents the adventures that are still yet to come. After a few weeks, Loraine needed to return to work in Japan and then onto a business trip in India. She's visiting three cities throughout western India (Bangalore, Mumbai/Bombay, and Udaipur, where she took this photo from her hotel balcony). She's meeting with solar physicists and giving talks about her satellite. She has also given several public lectures and toured around the countryside.

Loraine will probably post some things about her amazing trip to India in the next few weeks, but it's going to be hard for me post things for a little while. I originally set up this blog when I moved outside the Bay Area for the first time. While it was fun to share with friends and record our adventures, it's main purpose has always been to make sure that Mom could stay up-to-date on my life when time zones or time constraints made it too difficult for us to keep in touch as much as she would have liked. It's title came from my love of watching the behavior of my local bird friend, which is a trait that I learned from my Mom. She always kept a pair of binoculars ready in the kitchen so she could watch hawks and other birds fly by, and I always stopped my work to watch the hummingbird feed outside my window. Our blog will definitely continue, but it will never be the same.

We hope you'll all continue to share in our many new adventures. Stay tuned!


beautiful Matt, a very very special tribute to your mom

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