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About the nest

The window above my desk in the cottage we lived in when we first got married had a splendid view of a plant that hummingbirds seemed to love. Actually, it was one hummingbird in particular, Mrs. Hummingbird. She came to visit me at my window several times a day while I worked on my dissertation. When I was finishing things up, I discovered her nest on my way to school. I visited her there daily, watching her sitting on her eggs and eventually caring for her two tiny hatchlings. I watched them grow up and fly away, all in the period of a few weeks! (See photos here). Since then, I've taken frequent walks around the neighborhood watching all the hummingbirds and observing their habits.

We've moved on from that neighborhood, and over the next few years I feel like we'll be flying around as busy as a hummingbird. So, it seems appropriate to name my first blog after Mrs. H.


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