Earthquake of 1927
3:04 PM - 11 July, 1927

This is an in-depth examination of historical and scientific accounts of the Earthquake of 1927 in Israel. This earthquake is the first and last major earthquake in the Holy Land for which we have scientific measurements and data. As such, it provides a basis for analyzing the qualitative impact of earthquakes on Israel so that older historical accounts can be better understood. From these qualitative accounts we can more accurately equate biblical and other ancient accounts to quantitative descriptions of historical events.

You will notice that the entire text of my research, as well as the full text of my sources are right here online in digital form. By digitizing my sources, I am able to do much quicker analysis and comparison of sources by making the computer do all the work. In addition, I allow more people to evaluate the earthquake first-hand.

Matthew d'Alessio / Geophysics 100 / 5 November 1996