Matt's Photo Album

In the last several years, I have been very lucky. I've been all over the world exploring tropical islands, appreciating world class museums, and studying the world's geology. Here are just a few pictures that I have taken along the way. Enjoy!

Europe Summer 1997
Sunrayce97 Summer 1997
Costa Rica Winter 1997
Field Camp: Eastern Sierra Summer 1998
St. Lucia, St. Vincent, and the Grenadines Winter 1998
Oahu, Hawaii Spring 1999
Stanford Geology: Point Reyes National Seashore Spring 1999
Sierra Nevada Field Work, California Summer 1999
London Conference Spring 2000
Eastern Peninsular Range Field Work, Southern California Spring 2000
Northern California Spring Break Spring 2000
New Mexico Spring 2000
Tahoe Summer 2000
4th of July Sailing Adventure Summer 2000
Sierra Nevada Field Work 2000 Summer 2000
Death Valley Spring 2001
Loraine's Physics Graduation: M.A. Spring 2001
Boston Summer 2001
Sierra Nevada Field Work 2001 Summer 2001
American Solar Challenge Finish, Claremont, California Summer 2001
Big Island, Hawaii Field Work Summer 2001
Winter Vacation in the Southwest Winter 2001
Hawaii Summer 2003
Tulsa: Ida and Will's 50th Wedding Anniversary Summer 2003
Las Vegas: Travis and Heidi's Wedding Fall 2003
Yellowstone 2004 Summer 2004
St. Andrews, Scotland 2004 Summer 2004
New Orleans Spring 2005
Egypt Spring 2006
Kyushu - Hinode Satellite Launch
Kyushu - Yakushima hiking
Kyushu - Usuki Buddhas
Fall 2006

Note that I changed the way that I archive digital photos in mid-2006, so there are a lot of adventures that I have not posted to the web. Send me email if you're interested in hearing about my most recent adventures!

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