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Mount Tamalpais Tribute Page

Mount Tamalpais is the undisputed symbol of Marin. Not only is the 791.5 meter mountain visible from nearly every town in the county, but it's natural splendor is the essence of Marin.

Although I am not a photographer, many years ago I started trying to capture the mountain at its best. I have always dreamed of "The Perfect Picture" of Mt. Tam -- the picture that I see when I close my eyes and think of it.

The pictures below are all taken from my house in Ross. They are samples of what I have taken over the years.

[OK, I like browsing without images too, but you're going to have to load this to see what's up. All the images on this page are GIFs between 40K and 60K. They're worth it.]

My Brother Brad (right) and I

Explore Aerial Photos of Mt. Tam (East Peak is Roughly in the Center of the Image. Middle Peak is on the Left)
USGS Survey point for Mt. Tam's West Peak (Highest Point)
USGS Survey point for Mt. Tam's East Peak (Highest Point Accessible to Civilians)
Public Transit to the Mountain (Check out the Comments!)
A QuicktimeVR tour of Mt. Tam
Overview of the Geology of Mt. Tam
Play the BayMOO to get a fantasy/text tour of Marin County
Live Images of Mt. Tam

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