Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg2 Days

The hills really are alive with the Sound of Music! My mom went to Salzburg when she was in college. She told me all about how beautiful it was. It really hasn't changed very much since she then. It's still a charming little town with deep roots as the birthplace of Mozart and a quiet mountain refuge. But Salzburg itself pales by comparison to the towering mountains and tiny towns that dot the region around the city itself.

[25K Image]
The view out into the mountains from atop the castle

[40K Image]
The city from the castle

[40K Image]
The mountain-top castle and the city of Salzburg below

[34K Image]
Underground in the oldest salt mine in the world.
Here is Sam crossing the border into Germany for the first time ever...underground! The mine was used until about ten years ago when they realized that they could make more money by using it as a tourist attraction. The company still operates five active salt mines in the region.
I purchased a souvenir sample of Halite (salt mineral) here!

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We found this thermometer in the salt mine. It reads about 12 degrees Celsius and 9 degrees on the R scale. I would be VERY appreciative if someone could enlighten me on the history of the R temperature scale.

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Me standing below a church made from red sandstone blocks. The sandstone outcrop is on the right side of the picture.

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