Roma, Italy

We hit some great sites -- Roman ruins, the Vatican, the underground catacombs (dug into soft volcanic tufa soil) and all the other power tourist sites. We also met several other people at the hostel we were staying at and toured around with them -- it's refreshing to have some new faces during our visits.

Rome (Roma)3 Days

[80K Image]
Sam and I at the Roman Forum

[66K Image]
The Synagogue in Rome
The inscription reads (translated to English): For the six million innocent victims from the tribes of Israel who died because of racial hatred.
The synagogue itself was surrounded by two Italian police officers with automatic weapons on each of the four corners of the building. Despite all these precautions, there were still burn marks on the door...

[23K Image]
Outside the Communist Party Headquarters in Italy, in the Jewish Ghetto of Rome
The name of the party in Italian is Partido Democratico della Sinistra. Sinistra means LEFT, but sounds like SINISTER. My Dad appreciated this photo...

[68K Image]
Piazza outside St. Peter's Basilica. This is where the Pope blesses the people of the world EVERY Sunday. Today was a Saturday...

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