Spring Break 2000
Loraine and I were planning on going up to Crater Lake for Spring Break, but when we found that it would be covered under several feet of snow and a blizzard was expected in the forecast, we opted for exploring things here in California. We spent five days camping at different places in Northern California.

Our first stop was Sugarloaf State Park in the Sonoma Valley.

We went on a hike in the hills, but stopped here to just sit and enjoy the sunshine.

We were trying to find a camp site on unmarked dirt roads in Mendocino National Forest, but got completely lost. It was getting dark, so we decided to stop and set up camp at the first good looking spot. We came across this fantastic spot high on the mountain overlooking Clear Lake.

We woke up the next morning renewed and ready to conquer the road one again. After traveling on the ridge top for several hours, we finally made it to the camp site we were looking for, but decided to keep going and find some paved road.

We made our way from over more windy roads (this time paved!) to Mendocino, the small town where Murder-She-Wrote was filmed.

Loraine decided to play in the waves...

And then we spent some time watching them crash below this spot with a gorgeous view across the bay.

We camped a few minutes walk from the beach right along this nice creek.

It was pretty cold in the morning. Loraine snapped this shot while I was fast asleep.

On the way back from Mendocino, we stopped by a lush Redwood grove.

The drive back took us through Calistoga where we stopped at Old Faithful geyser. They have a new exhibit on how to use the geyser to predict earthquakes which was interesting, but sketchy. The geyser erupted about every 15 minutes but was much less high and impressive than when I visited in third grade. I guess the subsurface plumbing changes from year to year.

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