New Mexico Graduation
Loraine and I went to visit her family in New Mexico for her brother's graduation from New Mexico Tech. Things started off pretty exciting because her parents had to be evacuated as one of the largest wildfires in New Mexico history hit the Los Alamos area. It didn't dampen spirits and we ended up having a great time seeing the state. Eventually, we even got the chance to return to her house which was untouched by the fire.

Graduation was not laid out all that well. This is the best picture we could take from our position.

We did pull off this picture of Gil (recently graduated - he's the one with the big smile!)

And here he is with his diploma.

With big sis and the dog.

Me playing with the digital camera at graduation. It works beautifully!

After graduation we took a trip to the Very Large Array

It was very windy and we could here the dish humming in the wind from this spot.

The array consists of 27 moveable dishes that can get into a star spanning 20 km! When we were there, they were in their close formation which makes for a nice photo.

Even Loraine's dog Chelsea (AKA Superdog) enjoyed the trip to the VLA!

We took a ride up the world's longest tramway on Sandia Peak. Here you can see granite with overlying limestone.

And here is a fault in the granite similar to the faults I study in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Can you spot the fault?
Click here to see a similar example in the Sierras...

We finally got to return to White Rock on our last day. Here we are at the overlook of the Rio Grande Rift in White Rock. Amazing!

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