I attended a confernece in London about faults and fault zones where I presented a poster. I was lucky enough to stay for a few extra days after the conference and here are a few snapshots from my trip.

The conference was at The Geological Society which is in the Royal Academy next to the Royal Society of Astronomy and the Royal Society of Chemistry. Why aren't geologists Royal too?

Me standing at my poster: Strike Slip Fault Terminations in Jointed Granitic Rock

Now that I'm a Cal Bear, I figured that I would get a picture with a London Bear!

I made a "pilgramage" out to Greenwich to the Royal Observatory and the Prime Meridian. Here I am standing my left foot in the Eastern Hemisphere and my right foot in the Western Hemisphere.

Just like in the modern GPS, navigation used to rely heavily on time. Here is the official Greenwich clock. It's a 24-hour dial clock! Below it are the official length standards from long ago. What's a "foot"?

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