Hawaii 2003

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July 11: Waipuo Valley (hike and watch sunset. Out to dinner. Sleep in Keck parking lot.
Tried to hike to Waipuo overlook (rainy). Puu Kohala Heiau cultural site. Spencer Beach. Mauna Kea Observatory (U. Hawaii, Keck, catwalk, cultural program, star party, southern cross, picnic lunch and dinner).
Isaac Hale search and attack of Mango. Dotty's breakfast. Shop for dress, snorkel stuff. Volcano, Kilueau Iki hike, Aa flows at night. Picnic lunch and dinner.
Steam vents, HVO, museum, craters, petroglyhs. Out to lunch and groceries. Return to the active flows, but smoked out by wind. Camped. Picnic dinner.
Breakfast at deep earth crack. Photos at End Fault Zone signs. Tree molds. Black sand beach and TURTLES! Snorkel with turtles in rough surf. Green sand beach hike, alone on secluded beach, swam, dried off, snack, hike back. Picnic lunch, Pineapple park dinner and Star Trek TV.
Papaya and oatmeal breakfast. Swim 1 mile to Captain Cook Monument, Recover, Swim with dolphins! Snorkel, swim back. Natural food lunch. White sand beach, turtle beach, Place of Refuge, Spencer Beach dinner, kicked out, Kona Hotel.
Kauai: Security with camp stove. Tourist counter. Russian fort, Waimea Canyon overlooks, Nene bird pairs and honking, Koolau Valley overlook dinner and sunset. Setup, camp at Kokee.
Iliau Nature trail loop. Waipoo falls trail to little paradise pool, top of very big falls, but disappointing view of them. KOKB NASA picture. Lunch at Kokee Lodge. Visitor Center/Museum. Drive directly to hostel. Chili dinner at hostel, watch Stewart Little. Ice cream and shave ice at sunset.
Kayak tour. Private tour starting with kayak, Hau bush (yellow), first ones at the falls with rainbows, Swim in pool at base of falls, Terraces of Menahune people, GREEN room, Kukui nut flams, petroglyphs, including one of double hulled canoe, swimming hole/cliff dive spot, kukui nut basketball, paddle hard upwind. Mermaid cafe lunch. Resort checkin, movies, Blossoming Lotus for dinner of marinated green papaya.
Slept in. View of mountains during breakfast. Noon checkout, lunch in car. Hanalei Valley lookout, Hanalei Bay town to look around, ice cream. Dry cave, wet cave, Balai Hai view, Princeville resort tour and lookout (Russian fort, Balai Hai). Anii Beach camping/snorkel. Soup dinner. Super crowded. Read ketubah.
Snorkel at sunrise. Wailua falls (Fantasy Island with rainbows), Opeakaka falls and Heiau, Bikram Yoga at super high temperature for 90 minutes, lunch out. Holo hol checkin to Napali coast, pretty coastline, more pretty coastline, big waves, turtles swimming, turtles on beach (about 1 in 50 survive), sea caves, lookout from Kokee from the bottom, veggie lasagne, sunset, lots of photos. Camp at Honamulu.
Wake 5 am, pack. Ate breakfast on plane. Saw Pearl Harbor from plane. Sat in Honolulu airport together.
6 nights camping, 5 in hotel, 9 meals out (2 dinners) of 36 total meals.