We went to Boston for the Spring meeting of the American Geophysical Union. Loraine presented a poster on Large Scale Magnetic Diffusion in the Sun and Matt just went along for the ride. We also had the chance to spend time with several of our high school and college friends, go "candle-pin bowling," eat at an Afghanistani restaurant, an El Salvadoran restaurant, walk the Freedom Trail, and see Boston's Holocaust memorial.

We started our tour with a trip to the Boston Public Garden, home to "Make Way for Ducklings," one of Matt's favorite childhood stories. In fact, during our visit we saw two duck families with many cute little fuzzy ducklings. Here, Matt poses as the 9th duckling.

Loraine and this beatiful swan swap fish stories.

Our hotel was located across the street from The First Church of Christ, Scientist. As this view out the hotel window shows, the church grounds are really beautiful!

We went on a tour inside the church and then Loraine posed here in front of the reflecting pond.

The pond has several submerged signs reading "NO SWIMMING IN THE POND." So you can imagine our surprise when this gentleman went wading past us!

Matt stands by the plaque commemorating the site of the first Boston Latin School, where his grandfather attended.

We spent some time with Loraine's cousin Richard who lives on this boat in Boston Harbor.

He took us around the North End of Boston and to the USS Constitution. Because tour boats pass by his home/boat every day, he hears a lot of stories about this ship and was able to give us a really interesting and informed tour!

He told us that the Constitution is officially an active ship in the US Navy. Richard and Loraine took the helm here, so thankfully there wasn't a submarine in site!