Costa Rica

During Winter break, my family took a trip to the beautiful country of Costa Rica. We had a fantastic time filled with dense rainforests, breathtaking views, and a few too many chance encounters with poisonous reptiles. Here are a few pictures of our trip.

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Our trip certainly was an adventure! Here are Mom and Dad clinging for dear life as we navigate along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. The only way to get to Casa Corcovado is by boat.

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And here they are, safely on shore at the secluded beach near Lapa Rios on the Gulfo Dulce.

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Prior to our trip, I read studies about Arenal Volcano, "The Most Active Volcano in the World." I became quite knowledgable about the volcano's eruptive history and was very excited to visit it. Unfortunately the volcano was shrouded in dense clouds the entire time we were there. Here is a picture of me snapping a photo of the volcano as it begins to peak out from behind its cloud cover.

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And this is Arenal, through my lens...

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25% of Costa Rica's land is preserved as rainforest in public and private parks and reserves. Much of the rest of the land looks like this -- used for agriculture and livestock. If you look closely, you can see the entrance to an extensive series of limestone caverns that formed beneath the hillside near Arenal.

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Why did the tractor cross the river? -- A Costa Rican limosine.

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The family after an adventure filled gallop through the sugar cane fields near Arenal.

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Brad and I after a hike through the rainforest in the rain.

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At Lapa Rios, we had to climb 155 steps to get from our cabins to the dining room. About half way up, they had a spot where we could rest and look out over the canopy of the rainforest. This was the most spectacular vista point on the trip.

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Our family and our local guide, Ian, leaving Casa Corcovado.

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